Aircraft Registration And Certification


When importing an aircraft into the Republic of Albania it will be registered in the Albanian Civil Aviation Register.

The aircraft registration will be made by the CAA in accordance with the Minister of Transport Order No.113 dated 12/10/2012 “On the registration of aircraft”.

An aircraft may be registered in the CAA Register if it is owned and/or operated by an Albanian national or by a company established under the applicable laws and having its principal place of operation in the Albanian territory.

Before the aircraft is registered in the Republic of Albania, it must not be registered in another country. This is confirmed by the aircraft de-registration certificate issued by the previous state of registration.

When importing an aircraft into the Republic of Albania, an export certificate of airworthiness must be obtained from the state of the previous register.


Registration procedure

The aircraft owner must submit a formal request to the CAA, together with the aircraft classification report, according to the application form for registration filed under the “Publications and Forms” link.

The evaluation of the submitted documentation will be done by the designated CAA inspectors.

After assessing the documentation, CAA inspectors will plan and perform the physical inspection of the aircraft.

If the inspection results in order then proceed with the issuance of the registration certificate and the introduction of the aircraft into the AAC Register.

Removal the aircraft from the register

The removal of the aircraft from the CAA register will be carried out after the applicant submits a written request to the CAA.

Aircraft Register

The aircraft Register is located in the publications and forms link and represents the status of the last revision.