Occurrence Reporting


Albanian Civil Aviation Authority has established a system for Mandatory and Voluntary Occurrence Reporting in Civil Aviation. This system is in compliancewith:
– Law 10040, dated 22.12.2008 “Air Code of the Republic of Albania”, and

– Minister Order no. 68, dated 10.06.2011 “On the adoption of the Regulation on Reporting of Occurrences in Civil Aviation”.

The purpose of “Civil Aviation Occurrence Reporting” is to improve air safety, ensuring that relevant security data is reported, collected, stored, protected and distributed. The only purpose of reporting occurrences remains the prevention of accidents and incidents and not the determination of guilt or responsibility.

All occurrences that are reported are treated confidentially to have a wide and free reports from all aviation community and to protect the identity of the individual, in accordance with the Minister’s Order no. 68, dated 10.06.2011 “On the adoption of the Regulation on Occurrence Reporting in Civil Aviation”.
Based on this order the list of persons who must perform mandatory reporting is as follows:

  1. a) the operator or administrator of a public transport or turbine aircraft operated by an operator for which the Civil Aviation Authority guarantees operational oversight of operations;
  2. b) the person who performs the design, manufacture, maintenance or modification of a public or turbojet aircraft or of a piece of equipment and part thereof under the oversight of the Civil Aviation Authority;
  3. c) the person who signs a maintenance or release inspection certificate for the service of a public transport aircraft or turbine or a piece of equipment and parts thereof under the oversight of the Civil Aviation Authority;
  4. d) a person who carries out a function requiring him to be authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority, as an air traffic controller or as a flight information officer;
  5. e) the administrator of an airport according to the instructions of Minister no. 17 dated 2 September 2010 “On applicable rules regarding operation in the field of air services”;
  6. f) a person performing a function relating to the installation, modification, maintenance, repair, capital repair, flight control or inspection of air navigation equipment for which the Civil Aviation Authority is responsible;
  7. g) a person who performs a function related to ground handling of the aircraft, including fuel supply, service, preparation of load document, loading, melting and towing at an airport.


Voluntary reporting

In addition to the mandatory reporting system set out in the regulation,
Albanian Civil Aviation Authority has set up a voluntary reporting system for the purpose of collection and analyzing information on missions observed in aviation that are not required to be reported under the mandatory reporting system but which are perceived by the reporter as an actual or potential risk.

In order to have a more efficient reporting system in place, CAA has made available mandatory and voluntary reporting forms, which can be found by clicking on the “Civil Aviation Reporting Format” section.

Occurrences related with Air Traffic Management (ATM):

Occurrences related with ATM are reported at the beginning of each month by Albcontrol and thereafter these events are collected and analyzed.

The classification of events is based on the Annual Summary Template (AST) database, which is sent every 6 months (March and September) to EUROCONTROL .