The mission of the ACAA is to create a civil aviation environment in accordance with international standards, through continues monitoring, interaction with operators and a high level of professional competence of CAA staff.
The Albanian Civil Aviation Authority has a clear responsibility for the regulation and oversight of safety in all civil air transport activity in Republic of Albania, pursuant to Law No.99/2020 “Air Code of the Republic of Albania”. As a member of International Aviation Organization, in accordance with our respective obligations, we are in full commitment “to ensure the safe and orderly growth of international civil aviation throughout the world”.
Our safety promotion objectives shall be integrated with the ICAO, ECAC, EUROCONTROL and the EASA systems, transposed into the basic civil aviation legislation in the Republic of Albania, the Air Code, the Law for ACAA as well as Orders, guidance in order to guarantee safe air transport.
CAA is oriented to meet the needs of the peoples of the world for safe, efficient and economical air transport and to promote the safety of civil aviation”.




The vision of the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority is to continuously and permanently have safety and efficiency on the background of its activities, thus becoming a full compliant of the European transport network.

An important aspect of our activity is to ensure that sufficient resources are allocated and personnel have the proper skills and are trained for discharging their responsibilities, both safety related and otherwise. ACAA strives to promote safety management concepts and principles and educate aviation service providers and operators on such concepts.