Main Objectives


  1. The primary objective of the DSA is the implementation and oversight of the effective implementation of the national and international standards adopted in the field of civil aviation security in the Republic of Albania, in order to protect the civil aviation from acts of unlawful interference that jeopardize the security of civil aviation.


  1. Increase the frequency of compliance monitoring activities to airports, aircraft operators, other operators, ATM, etc., to comply with the provisions of the NCASP and international obligations


  1. Improve the effectiveness of compliance monitoring activities and methodology used.


  1. Quality enhancement of DSA inspector’s / auditor’s competences


  1. Efforts to ensure coherence and compliance of basic DSA work documents (National Programs, Sub-legal Laws, Manuals, Procedures, Regulations, etc.) to the requirements of Annex 17 to ICAO s and related security provisions of ICAO Annex 9, ECAC Doc 30, Part II and EU / EC Regulations


  1. Positive contribution to any participation, working group, commission, etc. at ACAA, national, regional and international level assigned / approved by the Executive Director of ACAA.


  1. Increasing cooperation at the national, regional and wider level, emphasis on cooperation with aviation security peers in the Republic of Kosovo and the region, such as Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, etc.