National Legislation


The Air Code of the Republic of Albania (Law No. 10 040, dated 22.12.2008 as amended on 24.11.2011 with Law No. 10484, (Chapter X – Security)

For the Civil Aviation Authority in the Republic of Albania (Law No. 10 233, dated 11.02.2010), as amended by law no. 10 479, dated 10.11.2011 and Law No.168 / 2014, dated 11.12.2014

National Civil Aviation Security Program (DCM No. 575, dated 10.08.2011)

National Civil Aviation Security Training Program (Joint Order No. 4103, dated 19.09.2011)

National Civil Aviation Quality Control Program (Minister Order No. 19, dated 26.02.2013)

Regulation On General Rules in the Field of Civil Aviation Safety (MinisterOrder No. 26, dated 20.10.2010 (transposing Regulation 300/2008 of the EP), as amended by the Minister Order No. 16, dated 28.09.2011 and the MO No.272 / 2009 / EC “On the Compliance of Common Basic Standards on Civil Aviation Security” as set out inRegulation No.300 / 2008 European and Council.

Regulation On Detailed Measures for Implementation of General Standards on Civil Aviation Security Standards (MinisterOrder No. 22, dated 06.03.2013 transposing Reg. 1885/2010 and EC Reg. 18/2010).

On the Control and Supervision of the State Border (Law No.9861, dated 24.1.2008)

For the approval of the Official Ceremony in the Republic of Albania (DCM No.229, dated 23.04.2004, as amended)

On the Protection of Personal Data in the Republic of Albania (Law No. 9887, dated 10.03.200, as amended)

The Concession Law of the Tirana International Airport Mother Teresa (Official Gazette No. 82, 2004, November 18)