1. Law No. 10 040, dated 22.12.2008, “Air Code of the Republic of Albania”, as amended, (Official Journal No.200 December 2008 / No.164 December 2011),
  2. ZPEA – Law No.9658 of 18.12.2006 “On the ratification of the multilateral agreement between the European Community and its Member States, the Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Macedonia, the Republic of Iceland, the Republic of Montenegro, the Kingdom of Norway, Romania, the Republic of Serbia and the United Nations temporary Administrative Mission in Kosovo, For the Establishment of a Common Area of ​​European Aviation (Official Journal No.146 December 2006).


1-     Regulation No. 130, dated 09/11/2012 (Official Journal No.188 December 2012) “On the approval of the Regulation on the Certification and Registration of Civil Aerodromes in the Republic of Albania as well as the Obligations and Responsibilities of Aerodrome Operators”

 Minister’s Orders:

1-     Order Nr.68, Dated10/06/2011 “On the Regular Approval of Occurrence Reporting to the CAA”.2-     Order No.11262,Dated 27/11/2014 “On Protection of the Environment from Noises”.3-     Order No. 49, Dated 30/04/2012 “On the Approval of Terms and Conditions of Use, Delta – Plan and Parachute”.

Minister’s Directive:

1-     Directive No. 2225, Dated13/05/2013 “On the Designation of Civil Aviation Services Tariffs”.

2-     Directive No. 1037/1, Dated12/04/2011 “On the Assessment and Management of Environmental Noises”.

3-     Directive No. 1362, Dated 16/03/2016 “On Rules for Establishment of Airport Tariffs”

Decisions of the Executive Director AAC:  

1-     Decision No. 2, dated 29/03/2016 “On the Approval of the external Procedure for the Implementation of Rules for Mandatory Reporting of CAA Events”

2-     Decision No. 15, dated 05.11.2015 “On Approval of the Operational Guidance Manual for the Operator of Aerodromes for the Operational Safety Management System”