Historical Background


Transport in Civil Aviation in Albania started in November of 1942 when the Contract for the government of Albania and the Lufthansa German Air Association in basis of this concessionary agreement of 10 years “Adria Aero Lloyd” was created.

In the spring of 1942 after a field of 400 200m in Tirana (in the zone of Shallvare) in the aerodrome started the first national flights with destination of Shkodra and Vlora.

In August 1927 ‘’Adria Aero Lloyd’’ Association was purchased by Civil Aviation of Traffic in the Ministry of Air of Italy who expanded the flights in other cities in Elbasan, Korça, Peshkopi and Gjirokastra and then international routes in Rome, Milan, Thessaloniki, Sofia, Belgrade and Podgorica.

In 1934 construction work started for the Airport of Tirana (Laprake) finalized in the end of 1935. This airport was officially named the Airport of Tirana and build in the optimal perimeters and technology of the time, with an aerodrome of asphalt and concrete with dimensions of 1200 400m, accompanied with all technical equipment of adequate building. In 1955-1957 the Airport of Rinas was built for military purposes and later passed under the administration of the Ministry of Transport. In January 25,1957 the ‘’State Institution of International Air Transport (Alb transport) with a center in Tirana was created. The Air Associations that have operated till 1960 were Aeroflot, Jat Malev, Tarom and Interflug.

In 1960-1978 there was a suspension of some air operators as political situation resulting in flux of passengers and flights were decreased. During the years of 1980-1990 investments in the Airport were undertaken to fur fill the requirements. During 1989, 1991 as of the political situation and changes in the eastern states, Albania became a member of International Civil Aviation Organizing ICAO. The air space of the Republic of Albania was opened, the responsibilities of Air Traffic Control was established. As a premise of these developments the conditions for the separation of air traffic control and Albtransport were created. In those years several agreements were made with Bulgaria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Russia, Austria, Northern Macedonia etc.

In the beginning of 1992 Albtransport separated from air traffic control and the National Agency of Air Traffic Control (ANTA) was created as an independent institution. To fur fill all the requirements national and international the General Directory of Civil Aviation was created in February 3rd 1991.