FAQ / Pyetje të bëra shpesh

What is the organization and classification of Flight Information Region Tirana?

FIR-Flight Information Region Tirana is defined as airspace of defined dimensions within which flight information service and alerting are provided.

The Republic of Albania airspace (Tirana FIR) is divided into two sections: lower airspace and upper airspace. The separation between them is at flight level FL285. The lower limit of the Tirana FIR is ground level (GND), and the upper level is FL660.

The Control Zone of Tirana Aerodrome (Tirana CTR) is from the ground level (GND) up to an altitude of 2500 feet MSL. Tirana CTR is classified in class D.

The Terminal Manoeuvring Area (Tirana TMA) from flying altitude 2500 feet MSL up to flight level FL195

Tirana TMA is classified in class C.

The Controlled Airspace (Tirana CTA) from flight level FL110 up to flight level FL285 Tirana CTA is classified in class G from flight level FL110 up to FL195 except for the air routes and the controlled area(part of TMA ). From flight level FL195 up to FL285 it is classified in class C.

The following is the Chart of Albanian Airspace Division and Classification.: