Functional Airspace Block – Blue Med



The BLUE MED Functional Airspace Block was established with the signing of the State Level Agreement in Cyprus on 12 October 2012.

The member of BLUE MED are: Italy, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, (Egypt, Tunisia, Albania, Jordan as observers) .

In the BLUE MED FAB Implementation Programme document are contained all the operational and technical implementations which the four BLUE MED States intend to deploy, as well as a number of other activities having the scope of improving the capacity, efficiency, safety and harmonization on a FAB-wide basis and the reduction of environmental impact.

The major projects include Free Route Operations, ATFCM and Cross-border optimization, Air Ground Data-Link Coordinated Deployment, IP Network Implementation, PBN Implementation and Complementary OLDI Messages implementation.

All these initiatives have the objective of achieving the capacity, safety, efficiency, economic performance and environmental benefits.