The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy declared the race for the PPP Concession for the Airport of Kukës, the cooperation of the ‘’Global Technical Mechanichs’’ sh.p.k and ‘’Bami’’ sh.p.k with an investment of 7,999,393 EURO (excluding TVSH). In the cooperation agreement it has been declared that 30% of the construction work if the PPP Contract would be accorded to be applied by Global Technical Mechanics shpk and 70% from Bami shpk.

The union of economic operators in cooperation with a NACO company with the experience in the field of management and administration of airports will invest in the sum cited above with the objective of reconstruction, operation and transfer of the airport of Kukës to the state after a period of 35 years’ concessionary.

The investments plan the rehabilitation and operation of the Airport of Kukës by expanding the runway of airport, expanding the passenger terminal, expansion of the parking zone etc. The airport will serve as an airport of low cost transfer based on the infrastructure, simplicity, and technology will be based on a model of low cost operators.

The runway will expand till length of 2.200m and will have the level 4. The increase of the level the width of the runway will be 45m. With the objective of expansion, the security zones will be expanded 66.000m2 in the airport one. The expansion proposed for the terminal of passengers will be 600m2 till 3.800m2.

Information on the historic of the International Airport of Kukës.

The Airport of Kukës is situated 3.5km in the south of the city of Kukës. During the crises of 1999, The United Arab Emirates organized a modern camp in Kukës to help the refugees during the war in Kosovo. They developed a runway for the supply of help in the entry of Kukës. At that time the representatives presented their idea for the development of the civil airport as a present for this area which was on the frontlines of the flux of refugees entering from Kosovo. After the acceptance of this idea the project, The Airport of Kukës was developed with studies by the General Directory of Civil Aviation the ACAA at that time and the investors based on a Council of Minister Decision of February 15th 2001 and was an approved with a Memorandum of Understanding of the Republic of Albania and the Government of the United Emirates for the building of the Airport of Kukës.

The building of the airport started on 10 May 2003 and finalized in October 31st 2005. The total cost of investments was afro 20 million dollars, financing as a gift from the government of the United Emirates. On June 7th 2006 the Airport of Kukës passed under the administration of the General Directory of Civil Aviation of Albania (then DPAC) and after 2010 under the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority.

Contact: The Concessionary Association of ‘’KUKWS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT’’ SHPK

Year of Establishment:31.01.2019

Administrator: Ridgers MEMA

Headquarters: Kukës, Shtiqen, Administrative Unit Shtiqen, Kukës, Airport of Kukës 3,5km in South of the city of Kukës

Email: info@kukesi-airport.com; info@kuiport.al


Website: www.kukesi-aerport.com; www.kuiport.al