Permission And Validity Of Issued Permission


a. When a flight has been approved as required by the CAA, a written permission will be granted to the operator of the aircraft.

b. The airport concerned will be notified by the CAA when permission has been granted. For passenger flights, Customs and Excise will be notified for the purpose of Passenger Duty. Operators are responsible for making their own arrangements with the airport concerned for the reception and handling and should quote the CAA permission number when making these arrangements. Any changes in:

  • The date of operation of the flight into or from Albania;
  • The nationality or type of the aircraft to be used;
  • The route of flight; or
  • The charterer or the nature and weight of goods to be taken on board or discharged from the aircraft in Albania,
  • must be notified by the operator to the CAA and a variation of permission obtained before the flight may be operated into or from Albania. Failure to so notify the CAA may result in the permit for the flight to be invalid.
  • Any changes to the times of arrival at or departure from Albania must be notified to the CAA and may require a new application to be made.

Validity of issued permission

  • Issued permission is valid for 24 hours, starting from the estimated time of entry into Albanian airspace or from estimated time of departure.