In the framework of the National Transport Strategy 2018-2021, Civil Aviation Director Krislen Keri presented the strategic priorities and objectives in aviation. Keri said that among the strategic priorities for Albanian aviation, are the construction of the Vlora Airport and the opening of the Kukës Airport in the north. Focusing on Vlora Internation Airport, Keri said that this is a project that will take about 24 months to complete from the start date of the work, and is expected to bring an extraordinary tourism development to the Vlora area as well as tourism in the country. Another objective is to put into operation the Kukës airport, with a capacity of up to 1 million passengers and with great impact for the country but also influential in Kosovo, as the projections are for this airport to be ultra-low cost. The aviation industry is of great importance nowadays, as about 80% of tourists in the world choose air transport, bringing a tremendous impact not only for tourism but also for the economy.
In the short term, there is also an increase in flights at Mother Teresa International Airport, as new lines and charter flights increase. While the projections for the peak season are up to 35-36 flights per day.