Emergency procedures

Nothing in the above mentioned procedures will be applied to flights due to safety reasons in case of emergency and/or distress.

Forced landings

a. If an aircraft while on a flight to which the restrictions as to place of landing set out at GEN 1.2.1, paragraph 1.2.1 apply, is compelled by accident, stress of weather or other unavoidable cause, to land at a place other than a designated airport, the commander of that aircraft must as soon as possible report the landing to an Immigration Officer for customs and excise or immigration purposes or a police constable.

b. The commander must comply with any directions given by an Immigration Officer with respect to any passengers, crew or goods on board the aircraft.

c.In all forced landing situations, any action taken by officers of the Immigration Office will take full account of the health and safety needs of passengers and crew.

d. A take-off after a forced landing at a designated airport or at a place other than a designated airport shall only be permitted upon authorization of the CAA of Albania.