DG Program



Albanian Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) is appropriate national authority, as defined by ICAO, is responsible body for dangerous goods programme.

Program activities

Initial review and approval of an operation manual and training programme on dangerous goods within the approval procedures for the Air Operator Certificate (AOC);

Initial inspection of a new operator or an operator intending to commence carriage of dangerous goods;

Review and approval of a revised operation manual and dangerous goods training programme;

Periodic inspection of an operator;

Certification for dangerous goods:


Freight forwarders, and

Cargo ground handling agents;

Acceptance of Dangerous goods coordinator;

Periodic inspection of shippers, freight forwarders, and cargo ground handling agents;

Ad-hoc assessment of the dangerous goods shipping and handling procedures;

Certification of Dangerous goods training providers;

Acceptance of Dangerous Goods instructors;

Review and approval of Initial and periodic dangerous goods training programmes;

Certification of Designated postal operator;

Investigation of dangerous goods occurrences;

Collection and distribution of statistic data related to dangerous goods;

Plan, develop and implement dangerous goods aviation public awareness program;

Development of national operational safety regulations and standards related to transport of dangerous goods by air;

Implementation of enforcement measures related to transport of dangerous goods by air;

Granting Approvals and Exemptions for dangerous goods, whichare not permitted for transport in normal circumstances.