Organization For Continuing Airworthiness Management


Organizations managing continuing airworthiness of an Aircraft (CAMO) have to be approved in accordance with Part M, Subpart G of the Minister of Transport Order No.110 dated 02/10/2012, which transposes Commission Regulation (EC) 2042/2003 of 20/11/2003 on the continuing airworthiness of aircraft and aeronautical products, parts and appliances, and on the approval of organisations and personnel involved in these taks; as well as the EU Regulation 1321/2014.

To make the certification of an Airworthiness Continuity Management Organization, an applicant must pass to the following stages:

Preliminary application

Prior to the formal application, the applicant will send a letter with the description of the organization to be established and make a meeting with the Civil Aviation Authority, the airworthiness sector.

During this meeting, CAA representatives will clarify the applicant for the regulatory requirements to be met before approval is received, the documents to be submitted and the exact stages in which the approval process will pass until the certificate is issued.

Formal Application

The applicant will make a formal application signed by the Accountable Manager of the organization and forward it to the CAA. The application shall be made according to the application form that is located in the “Publications and forms” link.

Together with the application form, the applicant shall send to the CAA and the documents to be determined during the meeting with AAC.

CAA shall make the evaluation of the submitted documents and communicate with the contact point of the organization throughout the certification process

In case that in addition to managing continuing airworthiness, an organization shall manage re-validation and extending of Airworthiness review certificate, it has to obtain additional approval according to Part M Subpart I of the afore-mentioned Regulation.

If the CAMO will carry out airworthiness reviews and issue airworthiness review certificate, it has to obtain special approvals from the CAA.