Aerial Photography, Aerial Survey And Any Form Of Aerial Work


a. Operators of aircraft registered in any foreign country wishing to engage in aerial photography or aerial survey flights in Albania, whether or not hire or reward is given or for the purpose of any other form of aerial work for hire or reward, are required to obtain an authorization from CAA.

b. Permission for aerial work in Albania will be issued by the CAA after coordination with the Ministry of Defense. For this purpose operators of aircraft must submit their application to CAA at least 20 full working days in advance of the proposed operation giving the following information:

  • Name and address of operator;
  • Type, nationality and registration mark(s) of aircraft to be used;
  • Details of the employer of the crew and photographer (for aerial survey and photography);
  • Complete details of proposed operations, including dates, location, height to be flown, etc.;
  • Graphic presentation of the flying area concerned.

Note: If the aircraft has been modified for the type of aerial work to be carried out, details of the modifications together with a copy of the approval of the modifications from the aeronautical authority of the state of registry will be required.

c. Additionally, operators wishing to engage in low flying (whether for agricultural, horticultural or forestry purposes) in Albania are required to obtain an exemption from the CAA. For this purpose, they must submit their application with details (a) to (e) above, through the CAA, at least 20 full working days in advance.


Documentary Requirements

a. In addition to operational requirements as set out in other parts of AIP Albania, operators are required to provide copies of the following:

  • Operating License, pursuant to Chapter 2 of (EC) Regulation No 1008/2008, issued by the aeronautical authority of the country of registration;
  • Air Operator’s Certificate;
  • Certificate of Airworthiness and Certificate of Registration issued by the aeronautical authority of the country of origin for each aircraft to be used on services to Albania;
  • Certificate of liability insurance for passengers and third party risks in respect of each aircraft to be used on services to Albania. For cargo flights, certificate of third party liability. The level of insurance must meet the minimum requirements of insurance for passengers and third party liability set out in Articles 6 and 7 of EC Regulation No 785/2004;
  • Certificate of approval of aircraft radio installation;
  • Statements about Aerodrome Operating Minima;
  • Noise certificate for each aircraft to be used.

a. Two copies of cargo manifest are required upon landing at Albanian airports. General declaration and passenger manifest are not required. A copy of AWB and Letter from Consignee is required for cargo flights.

b. The CAA of Albania reserves the right to demand additional documentation.

c. Documents mentioned above must follow the ICAO standard format and are acceptable when furnished in English and completed in legible handwriting.