Legal Basis


  1. Law No. 10040, dated 22.12.2008, Air Code of the Republic of Albania, changed version;
  2. Law 9658, dated 18.12.2006, On the ratification of the Multilateral Agreement between the European Community and its member states, the Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the Republic of Iceland, the Republic of Montenegro, the Kingdom of Norway, Romania, the Republic of Serbia and the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo on the establishment of a European Common Aviation Area;
  3. Bilateral agreements between states
  4. CMD 357, dated 13.06.2017, for diplomatic clearance procedures for the entry, landing and passing over of military vessels, military aircraft and foreign military vehicles and / or armored foreign vehicles in the airspace, sea and territorial space of the Republic of Albania.
  5. Aeronautical Publication Information (AIP) for Albania.