Scheduled Flights (Regular)


  1. International scheduled flights to/from Albania shall be carried out in accordance with the Air Transport Agreement concluded between the Republic of Albania and the State of origin of airline concerned.
  2. The authorization for the approval of scheduled service to/from Albania rests with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Albania.
  3. ECAA air carriers shall be permitted to exercise unlimited traffic rights on routes within the European Common Aviation Area (ECAA) and Contracting States, non-EU Members, in accordance with the provisions set out in the Article 3/1 i), Appendix 5 of the Multilateral Agreement.
  4. Foreign air carriers shall hold a permission to exercise traffic rights on routes within the Republic of Albania. The permission shall take into consideration the conditions laid down in the bilateral agreement between the Republic of Albania and the said State.
  5. If not otherwise specified in the Air Transport Agreement, the timetables shall be submitted for approval to the CAA at least 30 days before the beginning of each IATA timetable season. Any later modification shall be notified at least 3 working days prior to its introduction – unless a negative reply is received 24 hours prior to the flight, permission is deemed to be granted.
  6. Operators of aircraft wishing to apply for the permission to operate scheduled service to/from Albania must provide the following information to CAA:
  • Schedule, including start date, of the proposed service;
  • Type(s) of aircraft to be used.


  1. In addition to operational requirements as set out in other parts of AIP Albania, operators are required to provide copies of the following:
  • Operating License, pursuant to Chapter 2 of the (EC) Regulation No 1008/2008, issued by the aeronautical authority of the airline’s country of registration;
  • Air Operator’s Certificate;
  • Certificate of Airworthiness and Certificate of Registration issued by the aeronautical authority of the country of registration for all aircraft to be used on services to Albania;
  • Certificate of liability insurance for damage that may arise out of its transport operations, including:
  • Aircraft third party liability; and
  • Passengers, baggage, cargo, mail and airliner general liability insurance;
  • Certificate of approval of aircraft radio installation;
  • Statements about Aerodrome Operating Minima;
  • Noise Certificate of aircraft to be used.
  1. Two copies of cargo manifest are required upon landing at airports in Albania. General declaration and passenger manifest are not required.
  2. The CAA of Albania reserves the right to demand additional documentation.
  3. Documents mentioned above must follow the ICAO standard format and are acceptable when furnished in English and completed in legible handwriting.