Charter Flights


  1. Prior permission is required for all types of flights wishing to operate charter flights to/from Albania. Operators should make applications for permits to the CAA of Albania. Operators should give as much notice of the proposed flights as possible and, except in cases of genuine urgency, at least two full working days before the arrival in, or departure from, Albania. It is recommended that requests for permission are made on the application form available at
  2. All applications for permission must include the following details:
  • Name and address of operator including number of AOC;
  • Type and call sign of aircraft, nationality and registration marks;
  • Date of arrival at, and departure from Albania;
  • Aerodrome of departure and estimated time of departure;
  • Aerodrome of arrival and estimated time of arrival;
  • Route of flight, estimated time over entry/exit points of Tirana FIR;
  • Purpose of flight;
  • Type of flight and number of crew and passengers and/or nature and amount of cargo to be taken on or put down; and
  • Name, address and business of charterer, if any.

Note: The reason for the urgency must be stated in any application submitted at less than the specified period of notice.