The Civil Aviation Authority, in cooperation with two well-known German experts, part of TAIEX (Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Commission of the European Commission), held a two day “workshop” on “Improving Airport Services, Increasing Level of Slot Coordination and Liberalization of Services on Earth “at Mother Teresa International Airport. German expert Dieter Wilken engineer who deals with transport and traffic research with over 40 years of experience in this field as well as Dr. Sven Maertens, presented ways to operate airports in the European Union, and ways to follow in the case of Albania, to improve airport services, but also to increase the level of slot and operational coordination of the airport. Director of CAA Krislen Keri said that the quality of airport services is of the utmost importance for the authority, starting with increasing the level of co-ordination of slot machines and services on the ground. Given this objective, Keri said that CAA in collaboration with interest groups has started work on the terrain in order to increase the level of slot coordination, from level 1 currently to level 3. According to Keri, currently needs to be solved the slot problem, especially during the peak season, and therefore the increase in the level of slot coordination will serve to better solution and better operation of airport services. Another suggestion by the experts was about the liberalization of services on the ground, seeing the increase in the number of passers-by. In this meeting, apart from the representatives of the CAA, were attended by representatives of several airlines operating at the International Mother Teresa Airport.