EASA Annex II Aircraft


All kinds of flight operations are subject to Air Traffic Act and Ordinance on the Rules of the Air.

Non-EASA Aircraft means an aircraft, which is, according to Regulation (EU) 216/2008 of European Parliament and Council from 20th February 2008, outside the jurisdiction of European Aviation Safety Agency, but is issued Certificate of Airworthiness in accordance with ICAO Convention or Permit to Fly.

Commercial Air Transport with Non-EASA airplane is allowed in Republic of Albania according to the ICAO standards.

Commercial Air Transport with Non-EASA helicopter may be conducted by an aircraft operator, in accordance with Ordinance on the requirements of AIR OPS and administrative procedures applicable to commercial air transport by helicopter.

National Regulations:  Albanian Air Code Law No. 10040, date 22.12.2008; M.O no.03/2011, M.O no.151/2014, M.O no.83/2012;

European Union Regulations: Regulation (EU) No 216/2008; (EU) No 965/2012